Maschine Mikro MK3 set up for Ableton Live (script)


I have edited the user config file for ableton live 10

For the Maschine Mikro MK3

It allows track selection and with arm for recording

With 8 buttons one can switch tracks and carry on recording with different instruments

The Mikro only has one dial

But with the LOCK TRACK button I assigned one can use one macro with the one dial on each track

Without lock the dial controls every 1st macro

So the lock is on the touch strip to lock the dial to a track and unlocks upon a new lock

Also, of course all that transport buttons are assigned

It's the user config so it will auto do all this for the MIkro MK3 on start up



Do not open Ableton Live yet..

1.Select the folder


3.Click go at the top of the finder

4.Hold "alt" to open the hiden library

5.Find "preferences"

6.Then "Ableton"


8.Then "User Remote Scripts"

9. And paste the folder there.


you can find simular instructions here:

The last step is setting the MIDI page up like this:

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