Single Cycle Waveforms & Electribe Sampler

These files go into a sampler, set to loop. Using Single Cycle Waveforms can turn your sampler into a great synth. Plus, the files are so small it takes up hardly any sample time at all.


1. From the memory card load the sample into the electribe.

2. Go to the Sample Edit page

3. Select the waveform you wish to loop

4. Go to the Loop Start Point page 

5. Set the number to all zeros 

6. Press write to save to the machine 

Now you can use the waveform as an oscillator. 

For the electribe sampler, as always after importing or editing samples.. export all samples from the Data Utility page. This ensures that you will have all of your samples and loop points saved for next time after you power off.

I hope you enjoy.

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Christopher Kaye

A Synesthete Music Producer and illustrator.
Synesthesia is a mixing of the senses in the brain
in this case with sound and visual.

Since childhood Kaye has been seeing and drawing sounds. Since working with sound, it has became the hub of his music production.

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