Using Ableton Live as a Synthesiser - (with Single Cycle Waveforms) Tutorial

In this tutorial, Void Vertex shows the use of waveforms in the clip view, using automation to make synth sounds with just a clip containing a single cycle waveform. - with effects such as low pass Filter and Chorus. I also show making synth sounds in Ableton Simpler as well as kicks and snares, starting with a waveform and then sculpting the waveform in Ableton Simpler with the ADSR and effects such as Ring mod (Amplitude Modulation) and EQ.

Watch and follow along here:

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Christopher Kaye

A Synesthete Music Producer and illustrator.
Synesthesia is a mixing of the senses in the brain
in this case with sound and visual.

Since childhood Kaye has been seeing and drawing sounds. Since working with sound, it has became the hub of his music production.

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